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Confidence and Impact in the Workplace

Whether you’re new to the competitive business world, or a tenured employee, it is not unusual to feel under confident or unsure about whether one is exhibiting the ‘right behaviour’ to make a professional impact. Gaining an understanding of how we are currently perceived vs how we would like to be perceived – and how we can actively create that outcome – is key for instilling confidence in ourselves and others.

The Debrett’s Executive Impact and Professional Gravitas Course will build upon your already established personal delivery style and provide an understanding of the subtleties of interaction, whilst the Debrett’s Entering the Workplace Course covers the essentials of workplace etiquette, helping you negotiate the subtleties of professional interaction and network effectively and confidently with your colleagues.

We take pride in ensuring our students learn how authentically and successfully to sell their most valuable asset – their individuality.

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The Courses

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