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 ‘Britons seeking advice on etiquette and lineage have been able to turn to Debrett’s for almost 250 years.

But Debrett’s 2.0 is a very different business, as new owners transform the company for the digital age.

    Financial Times, 25 March 2016

On Monday, The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will celebrate their 70th anniversary, a significant and very personal milestone.

Just as an army marches on its stomach, Team Debrett’s

Something spooky this way comes, sending a chill down the

There has been plenty of press coverage of Theresa May’s

Dancing and weddings go together like gin and tonic. The atmosphere of romance, the free-flowing alcohol, and the inevitable moment that Dexys Midnight Runners first burst forth from the speakers combine to create the ideal backdrop

In which our bride-to-be considers whether or not to change

Debrett’s 500 and People of Today members were hosted by Alfred Dunhill at the wonderful Bourdon House.

Our second women’s only event was hosted

Our first breakfast event for members of the

Debrett’s has long been the recognised authority on British

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