Joint Responsibilities

There are many duties and jobs that come with the role of being the bride and groom:

- Deciding how many people will be invited to the ceremony and the reception, confronting any fragile family situations from the very start.
- Organising the guest list and invitations.
- Discussing and deciding upon the choice of ceremony (religious/civil). Choosing music, hymns and readings as appropriate.
- Exploring and deciding upon the style of the wedding day and the reception.
- Looking for suitable venues, and planning how the day will be structured. Food, drink and entertainment choices will follow.
- Thinking about the logistics of the wedding day, such as transport and timings.
- Drawing up a wedding list.
- Discussing and choosing members of the wedding team - the best man, ushers and bridesmaids - and making sure both are happy with the choices.
- Communicating with each other to ensure that both remain fully informed of developments and arrangements.
- Sorting out the wedding night accommodation and the honeymoon, if it is not a surprise organised by the groom.

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Debrett's wedding guide

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