The Ushers' Duties

- Collecting the buttonholes and order of service sheets, usually on the morning of the wedding day, and distributing them.

- Not drinking too much before the ceremony and arriving at the ceremony venue at least 45 minutes in advance.

- Handing out the order of service sheets to guests when they arrive and leading them to their seats.

- If the venue is filling up on one side and not the other, ensuring that the crowd is balanced out.

- Placing a set of order of service sheets at the front for the bridal party.

- Letting guests know, on arrival, about any photographic or confetti restrictions.

- Escorting the groom's parents and the mother of the bride to their seats.

- Keeping an eye on the door so that one of them can indicate to the best man that the bride has arrived.

- Ushering guests from the wedding ceremony to the reception efficiently, and ensuring that they know where to go.

- Transporting flowers from the ceremony venue to the reception, if required.

- Ensuring the ceremony venue is left neat and tidy, and that order of service sheets are collected.

- Helping the photographer organise the wedding pictures, and gathering guests for group shots.

- At the reception, helping guests find their tables, ensuring that those who have come on their own or need to be looked after have drinks.

- Being on hand throughout the wedding day, and keeping an eye on proceedings.

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