Duties on the Wedding Day

- Running through the day with the groom and checking that he has everything he needs (not forgetting the rings).

- Accompanying the groom to the wedding ceremony in good time (at least 45 minutes in advance) and staying with him in the lead-up to the service.

- Making himself known to the ceremony officiate.

- Casting an eye over the ceremony venue and checking that family and guests are being seated correctly.

- Looking out for a nod from the chief usher to say the bride has arrived.

- Handing over the wedding ring(s) at the critical moment.

- Joining the bridal party in the vestry/register, and then accompanying the chief bridesmaid down the aisle.

- Ensuring that the bride and groom are ready to have their photographs taken; getting them into the wedding car (or equivalent) that will take them to the reception.

- Checking that the bridesmaids, families of the bride and groom and ushers are shown to the correct cars for the journey to the reception.

- Having the money ready if any payments (for the church or band) are required on the day.

- Remaining calm and quietly sorting out any problems without the bride and groom knowing.

- Delivering his best man speech. The best man shouldn't drink too much until the speeches are over.

- Ensuring that the first night/honeymoon luggage, tickets and passports are in the correct get-away vehicle.

- Arranging, with the chief bridesmaid, for flowers and champagne to be put in the couple's wedding night room.

- Making sure that all guests leave the wedding reception safely and sorting out any last minute taxis if necessary.

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Debrett's wedding guide

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Happily Ever After Wedding Notebook

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