The Role of the Bridesmaids

The adult bridesmaids are usually the bride's closest friends.

They are generally assistants to the bride and the chief bridesmaid; their level of involvement will vary depending on the size of the wedding and the wishes of the bride.

There is little to do before the day, however the bridesmaids will usuallu have a say in the choice of dresses and accessories. It is important that they are available for shopping trips and dress fittings.

The bridesmaids will also be involved in organising the hen party, even though usually the chief bridesmaid is in charge of this.

- On the day, the bridesmaids help out with preparations and assist the bride in dressing.
- If there are child bridesmaids and pages, the bridesmaids must look after them before and during the service when their parents may not be able to.
- The bridesmaids help to get the bride ready before the ceremony begins.
- They participate in the procession and recessional, walking up the aisle behind the bride and walking down the aisle behind the wedding party.
- At the reception, the bridesmaids must circulate and talk to all the guests. They should keep an eye on proceedings and report any problems or difficulties to the chief bridesmaid and best man.

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