Duties on the Wedding Day

The chief bridesmaid must, first and foremost, be a calm and collected presence who will reassure the bride. She has many duties on the big day:

- Helping the bride into her dress and being with her while her hair and make-up is done.
- Keeping hold of any make-up or necessities required for touch-ups or unseen eventualities during the day.
- Ensuring that any small bridesmaids or pages are calm, dressed on time and that they know what they have to do.
- Escorting the bridal party into the cars and waiting with them outside the ceremony venue for the bride.
- Once the bride has stepped out of the car, helping to arrange her dress, veil and bouquet. Keeping an eye on the back of her dress and arranging/adjusting her train. Lining everyone up to walk down the aisle.
- Taking the bride's bouquet during the ceremony, and handing it back to her before she is ready to walk out. Putting back her veil, if requested.
- Exiting the ceremony venue on the arm of the best man, and escorting the bridesmaids and pages to the reception.
- Communicating with the best man throughout the wedding day to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
- Keeping a constant eye on the bride, and making sure she has everything she needs.
- At very modern weddings, the bride will sometimes ask the chief bridesmaid to make a speech.
- Assisting the bride when she is about to 'go away'. This may be assisting her into a different outfit, just checking her dress and appearance, or taking down her hair.
- Arranging, with the best man, for champagne and flowers to be put in the couple's wedding night room.

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