Catering Checklist

- Check what time will the caterer and their staff will arrive on the day, and when the tables will be laid.

- The caterer should make extra vegetarian dishes in case any guests have forgotten to inform the host.

- Inform the caterer of any more specific dietary requirements (nut allergies, for example) beforehand.

- Food should be provided for the staff, photographer and the band or DJ and anyone else working on site, such as the car park attendant.

- Check what happens to leftovers. If there are celebrations the following day, they can be used for a lunch buffet.

- Caterers will pack up on the day or they may come back the next morning. This should be talked through.

- Waiting staff needs to be tipped if the quote doesn't include service.

- Does the quote include the hire of tablecloths, napkins, glassware and cutlery?

- Check when the tablecloths, napkins, glassware and cutlery are being delivered.

- Remember to check if the quote includes VAT.

- Caterers usually have certain requirements: e.g. electricity supply, running water nearby, clear access to the seating area.

- If the reception is in a marquee, the caterers will require exterior lighting.

- There should be a member of staff on site (usually manning the bar) until the very end of the reception.

- If you are supplying your own champagne, wine and beer, don't forget that the caterer will probably charge corkage per bottle - check!

- It is sensible to check will the front of house staff will be wearing.

- Ask plenty of questions: wedding catering services vary and some companies may be able to offer ideas and extra elements.

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