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Planning a wedding is really like project-managing an event. It requires high levels of organisation and many, many to-do lists!

As a general rule, a wedding is organised comfortably in 9-12 months. Many brides invest in a wedding planning book/file to keep everything - lists, supplier quotes, deposit receipts etc - in one place.

The various elements of the timelines are interchangeable: the schedule will provide a useful planning checklist.

This guide offers an online wedding planning schedule based on a 9-12 month timeline, as well as timetable for the wedding day.



  • wedding planning, debrett's guide to weddings, how to plan a wedding

    12-9 Months Before

    Things to consider 12-9 months before the wedding.
  • wedding transport, wedding planning

    9-6 Months Before

    From music to photographers, there is a lot to plan 6-9 months before the big day.
  • 3-6 months before the wedding, wedding planning, debrett's guide to weddings, how to plan a wedding

    6-3 Months Before

    The closer the wedding, the more things there are to think about.
  • wedding planning, wedding entertainment

    3-2 Months Before

    From seating plans to hen nights, there is a lot going on 3 months before the wedding.
  • wedding planning 1 month before wedding, seating plan

    1 Month Before

    A list of things to plan one month before the wedding.
  • night before the wedding plan

    Night Before the Wedding

    The night before the wedding is a time to relax with friends and family.
  • on the wedding day

    Wedding Day

    Follow this rough guide for your wedding day and everything should go smoothly.
Debrett's wedding guide

Debrett's wedding guide

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