Seasonal Style

The time of year is very important, as the seasons dictate both the tone and certain practicalities of the day. There are many elements of the wedding that the weather will impact upon.

Autumn/Winter Weddings

Provision will need to be provided for rain.

All elements of the day will need to take place indoors.

Photographs may be taken outside in fine weather, but only if the light is good enough.

The bride will need to think about keeping warm in her dress (for example, by wearing a cover up); the same applies to the bridesmaids.

There are fewer flowers in season; the bouquets and arrangements may need to be more foliage-based.

Guests will usually expect hot food in the winter, which may cost more.

Spring/Summer Weddings

It can be assumed that the weather is likely to be fine, but provision for rain should still be considered.

Equally, an area of shade should be provided for guests.

A proportion of the day can be planned around being outside.

There are plenty of different flowers in season, many of which are popular wedding choices.

The day will be lighter for longer.

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