Key Moments

It is important to seek advice from the photographer, but there are many key moments that the couple may like to discuss with their photographer.

Bride Getting Ready

Key moments include the bride having her hair and make-up done, her dress being done up. Informal family portraits and shots of the bride, her mother, bridesmaids and pages getting ready will capture the essence of the wedding morning. Still-life shots of the bride's dress, shoes, jewellery and accessories are a nice touch.

It is a good idea to arrange for the photographer to arrive one to two hours before the bride's departure.

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The Ceremony

The photographer should capture the groom and best man waiting for the bride, then the mother of the bride and bridesmaids arriving.

Whe the bride arrives, shots of her getting out of the car and the final moments before she makes her entrance. The service, vows and first kiss (if photography is allowed); the signing of the register are crucial.

Then the recessional (the wedding party leaving the ceremony), especially the bride and groom walking out. It is also fun to take pictures of the guests milling around after the ceremony is over, and the bride and groom in their wedding car/transport.

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The Reception

Any formal posed shots should be taken as soon as the bride and groom arrive. The photographer should then take a series of unposed shots of the wedding party and all guests.

Still-life photos of the food, canapés, laid tables and behind-the-scenes shots of the caterers will record another dimension of the day.

Photographers offering simpler packages may leave once everyone is seated.

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The Speeches

This provides an opportunity to capture natural shots of the guests listening and reacting, as well as individual pictures of the wedding party and speechmakers.

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Cutting of the Cake

This is a fun moment for the bride and groom; the photographer should take some shots before the guests crowd in.

See Cutting the Wedding Cake

The First Dance

Another chance to capture the bride and groom - possibly an action shot!

Most photographers leave after this point, unless it has been agreed that they will stay later.

See First Dance

The End of the Reception

The bride throwing her bouquet and the couple leaving.

See Leaving the Reception

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