The Toastmaster

A toastmaster, or master of ceremonies, is there to announce key moments of the reception to the guests.

It is an important role that requires excellent organisation, as well as a loud voice

There are many professional toastmasters that can be hired for the day; make sure that they are a member of an official association.

Many couples don't hire a professional and instead ask someone they know. Traditionally, the best man would be the master of ceremonies; alternatively, a loud-voiced and confident usher or friend can be asked.

It is important the toastmaster is briefed on when he is required to make announcements; he will also need to liaise with the caterer and photographer.

If the day has a non-traditional format, for example a canapé-only reception, then the toastmaster should inform the guests what to expect.


The toastmaster or master of ceremonies will announce:

- When guests are required to be seated for the wedding meal
- The entrance of the bride and groom to the wedding meal
- The cutting of the cake
- The speeches
- The first dance

Obviously, he can make more announcements of required, or less. There is no set formula, but the toastmaster is an essential element in the organisation of the day.

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