wedding transport

There is a wide-ranging choice of transport available for wedding days. It is advisable, however, to decide on a vehicle that reflects the style of the wedding.

The number of wedding cars required and the logistics of how the cars are used depend upon the structure and locations of the day. In some cases, it is necessary to provide transport for the guests.

All vehicles should be properly briefed and given clear directions on where to go. The bride and groom should not forget to also book a going away vehicle.

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  • wedding transport

    The Wedding Car

    The type of car chosen will usually reflect the couple's tastes and style of the wedding day.
  • wedding transport for guests

    Transport for Wedding Guests

    The most usual option is a coach, minibus or several people-carriers.
  • transport practicalities, image rights günther pichler /

    Wedding Transport Requirements

    There are several transport requirements to consider.
  • directions to the wedding venue


    It is important that there are signs in place to help guests and hired transport find their way.
  • wedding car practicalities

    Transport Practicalities

    Transport is also required for the wedding party and sometimes the guests too.
  • going away, wedding car

    Going Away

    If budget allows, some couples choose to hire a vintage car or keep the wedding car all day.
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