If it is decided that babies and children will be invited to the wedding, then every effort should be made to make them feel welcome. They should be looked after and catered for.

Special provisions, such as a crèche or nanny at the reception, should be considered.

It may be advisable to seat all the children together with a childminder, although very small children will probably want/need to sit with their parents.

- It's often a good idea to offer a separate children's menu.

- Carefully chosen party bags and wedding favours are a wise investment. Contents can include non-staining coloured pencils and drawing books or quiet toys.

- Activities and games should be organised. It is a good idea to provide some form of kid's entertainment, such as a clown, magician or children's entertainer.

- Face-painting or dressing-up can be a fun and interesting form of entertainment and provide good photo opportunities.

- In summer, bubble machines keep children entertained, as well as looking festive.

Child-Only Areas

- If the budget allows and there are lots of kids, a separate child-zone works well.

- A supervised children's-only table where food may be served earlier than adults' works well.

- Also, it could include a play area where they can be looked after, perhaps with the help of an entertainer.

- Some venues will provide a supervised room for children. This allows for them to have a rest, and may come with a computer game console or a television.

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