Names on Wedding Invitations

It is important to use the correct wording on the invites, and to style guests appropriately on both the invitation and the envelope. There are a number of guidelines to follow.

The name of the guest is handwritten in ink in the top left-hand corner, or on a dedicated line on the invitation.

When inviting partners, the use of the words 'and guest' after a guest's name should be avoided if at all possible - try to establish their name.

On formal wedding invitations, titled guests should be addressed by their full title, for example, Mr and Mrs John Williams, Miss Eleanor Copcutt, the Lady Alice Torstenson and so on. For further guidence, please see Forms of Address.

For less formal wedding invitations it is acceptable to use only first names.

Useful Forms of Addres on Wedding Invitations

Married couple (where both are well known): Mr and Mrs John Debrett (invitation), Mrs John Debrett (envelope). Omitting children's names excludes them from the wedding invitation.

Married couple with invited children: Mr and Mrs John Debrett, Adam and Claire (invitation), Mrs John Debrett (envelope).

Married couple (where only the husband is known well, for example a male work colleague): Mr and Mrs John Debrett (invitation), John Debrett, Esq (envelope).

Doctor(s) (John Debrett is a medical doctor. This form of address applies even if the wife is a medical doctor): Dr and Mrs John Debrett (invitation), Mrs John Debrett (envelope).

Single man: Mr John Debrett (invitation), John Debrett, Esq (envelope).

Single woman: Miss Miriam Manners (invitation), Miss Miriam Manners (envelope).

Widowed woman: Mrs John Debrett (invitation), Mrs John Debrett (on the envelope).

Divorced woman: Mrs Janet Debrett (invitation), Mrs Janet Debrett (envelope).

Unmarried couple (in an established relationship): Miss Miriam Manners and Mr John Debrett (invitation), Miss Miriam Manners and John Debrett, Esq (envelope).

Same sex partner (in an established relationship): Mr Edgar Best and Mr Jon Friend (invitation), Edgar Best, Esq and Jon Friend, Esq (envelope).

Single man and guest (where the guest is not known well): Mr John Debrett and Miss Miriam Manners (invitation), John Debrett, Esq (envelope).

Single woman and guest (where the guest is not known well): Miss Miriam Manners and Mr Jon Friend (on the invitation), Miss Miriam Manners (envelope).

Church of England vicar (where the spouse is not known well): Reverend and Mrs Anthony Lambert (invitation), The Reverend Anthony Lambert (envelope).

Roman Catholic priest: Father Lambert (invitation), The Reverend Father Lambert (envelope).

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