Extra Information for Wedding Guests

A separate sheet giving practical information can be included with the wedding invitation to inform guests of further details on the day, accommodation, wedding lists etc. It is fine to print these at home, as long as a good printer and quality paper are used. The following information typically appears within these enclosures:

Directions to the church/venue and reception, plus a map and details of local train stations and airports. Never assume that guests know their way.

Details of parking at the ceremony and reception, and any transport provided.

Accommodation details - local hotels and B&Bs covering all price ranges - plus local taxi firms. Where the evening reception is to be held in a hotel, reduced rates should have been negotiated.

If no reference is made to dress code on a formal invitation, then morning attire or suits should be worn. Black tie should be specifically mentioned.

Policy on whether children are allowed to attend the wedding.

Details of where the wedding list is held, with website, address and phone number (while traditionalists still maintain that reference to the wedding list should not be included with the invitation, it is almost universal practice to enclose such information and eyebrows are generally not raised these days).

A request to inform the host of special dietary requirements or allergies when accepting the invitation.

The time the events will draw to a close - often referred to as 'carriages' - or when the bride and groom are 'going away'.

Contact number/email address of the host(s) in case of questions.

The date by which guests should reply, usually two months before the day.

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