Wedding Gift Lists

The circumstances and age of the bride and groom often influence the choice of wedding list and presents. A young couple setting up home will have different priorities to those of an older, established couple.

The wedding list must be set up before the invitations are sent out so that details can be included. There are numerous options on offer, from the traditional department store list to financial contributions to the honeymoon via a travel agency. Equally, some couples choose not to have a gift list or to make charitable donations instead.

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  • wedding gift lists

    Informing Guests of the Gift List

    Traditionally, wedding guests contacted the bride's mother to find out where the gift list is held.
  • buying a gift

    Buying a Wedding Gift

    All guests who attend a wedding should buy the bride and groom a wedding present.
  • types of list

    Types of List

    Lists are available through department stores, shops, charities or travel agents.
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