Engagement Rings

diamond engagement ring

Convention dictates that a ring, most popularly diamond, should mark an engagement. Other stones, such as sapphires and rubies, may also chosen or used as side-settings.

It is not necessary to present an engagement ring when proposing; many people decide not to choose the ring alone. A safer option is to give a piece of jewellery - such as a bracelet - that the groom knows his fiancée will like.

However, the ring should be on her finger within a reasonable time - weeks, not months.

It is still customary for the groom to pay for the ring; he should get the very best he can afford.

Consider the bride's taste, her hand shape and her realistic expectations.

The groom may wish to select a few rings for his fiancée to choose from, or the couple may decide to look together.

A family heirloom or antique - either a ring or a set of stones - may be can be cleaned, adapted or re-set.

If the couple choose the ring together, a budget should be established in advance.

Several styles should be tried; it is advisable to experiment with a range of cuts, sizes and settings.

Trying the engagement ring on with a wedding band - it will look different alongside another ring, rather than on a plain finger.

Popular metals for engagement rings are: white gold, gold and platinum. The metal of a wedding band must match the metal of the engagement ring.

Trusted or recommended jewellers should be used; listen carefully to their advice.

Retailers will be happy to advise on the quality of stones. A diamond is valued using the 'Four Cs': carat, clarity, colour and cut.

Insuring the rings

Both the wedding rings and the engagement ring represent a major outlay, and therefore must be insured - the latter to the full value of the stone or stones. Jewellers' receipts should be kept in a safe place in case a claim has to be made.

Groom's Present

Many brides-to-be like to give a substantial present to their fiancé as a way of marking the significance of the occasion. Popular choices include a watch, cufflinks, or a beautiful pen.

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