After the excitement of the marriage proposal, the newly-engaged couple will find themselves thrown into a social whirlwind.

As soon as the engagement is announced, the news will spread fast. Some couples choose the traditional option of a formal announcement, others rely on a few phone calls and word of mouth. Letters, cards and presents will soon arrive, along with congratulatory messages.

As the wedding plans start to be discussed, the couple should organise for both sets of parents to meet each other. Moreover, the engagement is the perfect reason to throw a celebratory party.

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    After the marriage proposal, the couple will find themselves thrown into a social whirlwind.
  • diamond engagement ring

    Engagement Rings

    Convention dictates that a ring, most popularly diamond, should mark an engagement.
  • engagement announcements

    Engagement Announcements

    The news of the engagement will travel fast, so it is essential to tell everyone at the right time.
  • wedding and engagement gifts

    Engagement Cards and Presents

    It is customary for friends and family of a newly engaged couple to send a card or present.
  • the parents, engagements

    The Parents

    It is traditional for the parents to meet after the engagement announcement is made.
  • engagement parties

    Engagement Parties

    An engagement party is by no means essential, but it is a great excuse for a celebratory gathering.
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