British Social Etiquette

British Social Etiquette - British Troopers

- British style and hospitality

Etiquette and modern manners

Correct form correspondence

Deportment and posture

Personal presence and vocal impact

Networking skills and how to build a network

Social dress codes

Personal style

Formal dining

Informal dining

The Season - events, insights and aide memoires

Entertaining, hosting and being a guest


Delivered over 4 days or 2 intensive weekends at Debrett's in Mayfair


£2,000 per student

All fees are including VAT


Please contact Debrett's on

The academy

The academy

Training & Classes

Training & Classes

Providing the skills and confidence to be welcome and at ease in any professional or social situation.

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Debrett's Graduate School

Debrett's Graduate School

the debrett's 500

the debrett's 500

the Debrett's 500

the Debrett's 500

Celebrating Britons that are inspiring, achieving and making a difference.

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