Debrett's International Finishing School

Debrett's International Finishing School draws upon 250 years of expertise in British manners, etiquette and both social and professional protocol, to deliver coaching to individuals visiting or moving to Britain for business, education or cultural experiences.

Utilising practical and engaging experiential learning, programmes are both enjoyable and educational and cover a range of topics from first impressions to meeting British Royalty.

Programmes may be delivered in small groups or to individuals, in China, Hong Kong, New York or England.

In England, the programmes are delivered at Debrett's head office in Mayfair or, if residential, at a country estate.


Debrett's International Finishing School offers three levels of qualification: Foundation, Intermediate and Diploma.

Each level involves five days of study at Debrett's, with additional preparation and tasks to be completed in the students' own time, prior to progression to the next level.

Delivered over five days at Debrett's in Mayfair or five days and four nights as a residential programme.


–  First impressions

–  Understanding British behaviour, attitudes and manners

–  Mastering customs, protocol and etiquette

–  Maximising personal impact

–  Successful communication both verbal and written

–  Preparing students for social situations and events

–  British culture

–  Etiquette and manners

–  Education system

–  Debrett's social and cultural events

These topics are in addition to content from Debrett's Modern Finishing School Programme.


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