Debrett’s International Youth Programme

Debrett’s International Youth Programme is delivered over 14 days the UK.  The programme allows students to engage in etiquette and social skills training tailored around traditional British cultural and sporting activities.

Debrett's training is delivered by expert Debrett's tutors, providing both exceptional teaching skills, knowledge and experience.

Delivery incorporates a range of opportunities for experiential learning, including role play with actors, competitive challenges and engaging activities.  This ensures the programme offers practical skills, alongside enjoyable and memorable experiences, ensuring lasting confidence and that will support a successful future, in education and beyond.


The programmes combine the learning of new skills with practical experiences, including:

British Culture and Etiquette

–  First impressions and personal impact  

–  Formal introductions  

–  Dress codes and personal style   

–  Savile Row tailoring for boys and millinery styling for girls  


British Aristocracy and Royalty

–  Heraldry

–  Private tour of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London

–  Buckingham Palace tour

–  Windsor Castle visit

–  Houses of Parliament visit


Social Skills for Education

–  Interview techniques

–  Elevator pitch

–  British Schools tour 

–  Overnight visit to boarding school  


Networking and Fine Dining

–  Dining etiquette

–  Networking dinners and lunches

–  Formal black tie dinner

–  Networking events with Debrett’s alumni students


The Arts and Society Sports

–  The theatre 

–  Tennis on a grass court at Wimbledon

–  Horse riding

–  Polo lessons

–  Shooting

–  Rowing


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