Debrett's International Young Achiever

  • Price per student: £7,950
  • Programme dates: Tuesday 19th – Thursday 28th July 2016
  • Age: 12 – 16
  • Location: London
  • Contact: Ali Moss-Thomas (programme co-ordinator),

The Debrett's International Young Achiever is a ten-day residential programme, based in London, for students between the ages of 12 and 16. A challenging schedule of lessons, accompanied by enjoyable experiences, focuses on developing social skills, etiquette and style to foster social competence.

Please note, non-residential one-, two- or three-day places are also available. 

A privilege given by parents, attending the programme is a life changing event.  Students acquire a new found perspective through an awareness of why they want to succeed and, in turn, are inspired to be ambitious and to stand out from the crowd. They will also be enriched with experiences in art, culture and aristocratic life, and form life-long friends.



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