Manners for Men

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Manners for Men

This stylish guide will equip today's men with essential knowledge to ensure relationship success with members of the opposite sex. Modern chivalry is manners with a sexy edge - it just makes things easier if you know what women really want.

The new code of male manners allows men and women to enjoy their differences without falling into old, patronising patterns. It requires men to think things through, sifting the meaningful gesture from empty convention.

Not all this comes naturally to all men, but good manners can be learned. Using the inside knowledge that only women can provide, Debrett's Manners for Men sets out the new rules for male behaviour, providing an indispensable introduction to the dangerous world of dating, romance and commitment.

From first dates and meeting her mother to moving in together, Manners for Men will ensure that the modern man can confront every social challenge with style and panache.

by E. Jane Dickson

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