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Debrett's Handbook

Please note an eBook edition is also available to purchase from Amazon.

Debrett’s Correct Form, the authoritative guide to written forms of address and social correspondence, has been in print for 40 years. It has now been revised, updated and expanded to encompass modern manners and everyday behaviour in a new publication: Debrett’s Handbook. This weighty 480-page compendium of advice is a stylish hardback book, with a beautiful red and gold-embossed front cover.

'Everyone should have a copy of this on their desk.’

With informed insights on a range of formal occasions – including royal garden parties, black tie events, weddings and christenings – Debrett’s Handbook is a trustworthy companion to social life and rites of passage.

'Debrett's books give me a bit of additional confidence in work situations that are out of my comfort zone.’

In addition, Debrett’s Handbook addresses many modern dilemmas, including social graces, dress codes, mobile manners and dining etiquette. It offers advice on civilised hosting and entertaining, from formal dinner parties to drinks parties, informal suppers and overnight stays.

Content is divided as follows:

Correct Form

•   Formal Address

•   Professions

•   Letters after the Name

•   Formal Events

•   Dress Codes

Rites of Passage

•   Births

•   Christenings

•   Coming of Age

•   Engagements

•   Weddings

•   Divorce

•   Death

Modern Manners

•   Correspondence

•   Social Graces

•   Table Manners

•   At Home

•   Public Manners


•  Sample Letters

•  The British Social Season

•  Wearing Orders and Decorations

•  Order of Precedence

•  Surname Pronunciation


•  All advice relating to forms of address is fully revised and updated

•  Contains a comprehensive guide to invitations and correspondence

•  Offers a modern interpretation of traditional manners

•  Step-by-step guidance to navigating all the major rites of passage

•  Everyday manners are reappraised and codified