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Debrett's Netiquette

Debrett's Netiquette, a Debrett's Pocket Book, is a definitive guide to digital dilemmas and how to deal with them...

In a world where technology moves fast and behaviour is evolving, it is essential that a new code of manners addresses new ways of communicating.

People are uncertain how they should behave around new technology, and Debrett's Netiquette is a considered response to a changing world.

Debrett's Netiquette, is for anyone who uses modern technology; from teenagers to grandparents.

Packed with quotes, facts, historical information and etiquette advice, humour, wit and expert knowledge combine with a clever and eye-catching design to create a distinctive book.

Content includes:

  • Mobile golden rules, ringtones, antisocial behaviour, mobiles at the table, mobiles at work...
  • Texting golden rules, romance and texting, texting faux pas, text speak...
  • MP3 players, manners on the move, headphone etiquette...
  • Email golden rules, email correct form, online privacy
  • Social networking golden rules, cyber-bullying, blogging, online dating, techno bores