A-Z of Modern Manners

  • A-Z of Modern Manners
  • A-Z of Modern Manners

A-Z of Modern Manners

From asparagus to zebra crossings, via BlackBerry™, formal dinners, political correctness and sneezing, this is an indispensable and comprehensive guide to contemporary conduct, from Debrett's, Britain's leading experts on manners and etiquette.

'An excellent book to guide you through the pitfalls of modern manners.'

  • A comprehensive review of traditional codes of conduct.
  • Entertaining and refreshing - an insight into new social challenges and modern dilemmas.
  • Features 24 bespoke illustrations of the letters of the alphabet.
  • An ideal gift purchase for men, women, young and old alike.

'I was surprised by how in depth and varied all the topics are - it even includes social networking.’

Content includes:

  • apologising
  • babies
  • chivalry
  • drunkenness
  • eavesdropping
  • funerals
  • guests
  • honesty
  • invitations
  • jargon
  • kissing
  • laughing
  • mobiles
  • nannies
  • office parties
  • proposals
  • queuing
  • restaurants
  • swearing
  • tipping
  • underwear
  • vulgarity
  • wine
  • xenophobia
  • yawning
  • zips...