Clive Selley

CEO BT Technology, Service and Operations

Clive Selley was a BT sponsored student while at university in Bristol, and is now the CEO of BT Technology, Service and Operations. Selly states that his career path was influenced by "a belief that telecoms, and technology more generally, would be a fast-changing and growing sector with influence over the way business operates, people interact, are entertained and educated". As the dominant telecommunications provider in the UK, BT is one of the most significant influencers of the ‘art-of-the-possible’ in the UK today. Selley has teams working across the globe identifying new technologies and how they can be leveraged into the core BT business. The BT Research and Innovation division at Adastral Park, Suffolk, which has innovation scouting teams and global development centres worldwide, also forms part of BT Technology, Service and Operations for which Selley is responsible. 


Debrett's 500 2014