Lionel Barber. Editor Financial Times.Adam Boulton. Political editor Sky News.
Paul Dacre. Editor Daily Mail.
Nick Davies. Investigative reporter.
Janan Ganesh. Columnist Financial Times.
Ian Hislop. Editor Private Eye.
Martin Ivens. Editor Sunday Times.
Trevor Kavanagh. Associate editor The Sun.
Richard Littlejohn. Columnist Daily Mail.
Kevin Maguire. Associate editor Daily Mirror.
John Micklethwait. Editor The Economist.
Caitlin Moran. Columnist The Times.
Fraser Nelson. Editor The Spectator.
Andrew Norfolk. Investigative reporter The Times.
Alan Rusbridger. Editor The Guardian.
Sarah Sands. Editor Evening Standard.
Polly Toynbee. Political and social commentator The Guardian.
Jeremy Warner. Assistant editor Daily Telegraph.
John Witherow. Editor The Times.
Martin Wolf, CBE. Chief economics commentator and associate editor Financial Times.