Widow of an Earl

The widow of an earl is officially known as The Dowager Countess of …….(unless there is already a dowager countess in that family still living in which case the  widow of the junior countess is known by her forename eg Elizabeth, Countess of …………).

In practice, many widows prefer to use their forename in place of 'Dowager'.  If in doubt, use of the forename is recommended.

If the present holder of the earldom is unmarried, the widow of the previous earl does not use the term of either The Dowager Countess of Aldford, or Emma, Countess of Aldford, but continues to be known as The Countess of Aldford.

How to address the Widow of an Earl

The recommended (social) style of address is as follows:

Beginning of letter Dear Lady Aldford
End of letter Yours sincerely
Envelope The Dowager (or Emma) Countess of Aldford
Verbal communication Lady Aldford
Invitation The Dowager (or Emma) Lady Aldford
Description in conversation Lady Aldford
List of Directors or Patrons The Dowager (or Emma) Countess of Aldford
Place card The Dowager (or Emma) Countess of Aldford
Legal document The Right Honourable Emma Countess of Aldford

Widow of an Earl by Courtesy
The same rules apply to the widow as to the wife of an earl by courtesy.

See Courtesy Titles



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