Former Wife of an Earl

If a marriage between an earl and countess has been dissolved, the former wife (although no longer a peeress) may continue to use her title as an earl's wife, preceded by her forename (unless she remarries*).

How to address the Former Wife of an Earl

The recommended (social) style of address is as follows:

Beginning of letter Dear Lady Caledon
End of letter Yours sincerely
Envelope Henrietta, Countess of Caledon
Verbal communication Lady Caledon
Invitation Henrietta, Lady Caledon
Description in conversation Lady Caledon
List of Directors or Patrons Henrietta, Countess of Caledon
Place card Henrietta, Countess of Caledon
Legal document Henrietta, Countess of Caledon

*If the former wife of an earl subsequently remarries she adopts her style of address from her present husband. Thus if Henrietta, Countess of Caledon, marries Mr Cuthbert Robinson she becomes Mrs Cuthbert Robinson.

Former Wife of an Earl by Courtesy
She is styled as the former wife of an earl.

See Courtesy Titles

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