Daughters of an Earl

A daughter of an earl has the style of 'Lady' before her forename and surname, eg the daughter of the Earl of Aldford could be Lady Daisy Browne.  A daughter of those who enjoy the courtesy peerage of an earl, has the identical style of 'Lady'.

On marriage she continues to use the same style, with her husband's surname. For example, if the Earl of Aldford's daughter Lady Daisy Browne married Nathaniel Watkins she would become Lady Alicia Watkins.

How to address the Daughter of an Earl

The recommended (social) style of address is as follows:

Beginning of letter Dear Lady Daisy
End of letter Yours sincerely
Envelope Lady Daisy Browne
Joint form of address Mr Nathaniel and Lady Daisy Watkins
Verbal communication Lady Daisy (on introduction, Lady Daisy Browne/Watkins)
Invitation Lady Daisy Browne
Invitation* to husband & wife Mr Nathaniel and Lady Daisy Watkins
Description in conversation Lady Daisy
List of Directors or Patrons Lady Daisy Browne
Place card Lady Daisy Browne
Legal document Daisy Margaret Browne commonly called Lady Daisy Browne

*Note that, traditionally, invitations to a married couple, when sent to their home address, are addressed to the wife alone, with both names being inscribed on the invitation card. It has become increasingly acceptable, however, to address the envelope with both names.


Should she marry a peer she adopts his title

If she marries a courtesy peer, and the precedence she derives from this is lower than that she derives from her father, she has the option of:

(a) adopting the usual style of the wife of a courtesy peer, eg Viscountess South, or

(b) continuing her own style followed by the courtesy title, eg Lady Mary South.

In practice very few ladies now adopt course (b) unless the marriage has been dissolved.

If the daughter of an earl marries the younger son of a duke or marquess, again she has the option of:

(a) adopting the usual style of the wife of a younger son of a duke or marquess, eg Lady Charles Manners, or
(b) continuing her own style followed by her surname, eg Lady Daisy Browne.

See Courtesy Titles


Forms Of Address

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