Daughters of a Baron

A daughter of a baron bears the courtesy style of 'The Honourable' (usually abbreviated to 'The Hon').

When she is unmarried this style is followed by her forename (eg The Hon Jane White).  After marriage she drops the use of her forename and uses her surname only (eg The Hon Mrs Smith). The style of 'The Hon' is not used before 'Miss'.

The style of 'The Hon' is only used on the envelope in correspondence, in written descriptions (usually only on the first mention) and in formal documents.  It is never used in conversation or on invitations or on visiting cards, when the correct style is 'Mrs', 'Miss' or 'Ms'.

How to Address the Daughters of a Baron

The recommended (social) style of address is as follows:

Beginning of letter

Dear Mrs Brown

End of letter

Yours sincerely


The Hon Mrs Brown

Joint form of address

Mr Benedict and the Hon Mrs Brown

Verbal communication

Mrs Brown


Mrs Benedict Brown

Description in conversation

Mrs Brown

List of Directors or Patrons

Mary Brown (or Mrs Benedict Brown)

Place card

Mrs Benedict Brown

Legal document

Mary Jane Brown commonly called the Honourable Mrs Brown


Should the daughter of a Baron marry the younger son of an Earl, or the son of a Viscount or Baron, she would also be addressed as The Hon Mrs Brown.

In this case, the  joint form of address would be 'The Hon Benedict and Mrs Brown'


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