Writing to the Royal Family

Only close personal friends would write to a member of the Royal Family direct. All other correspondents should write to the private secretary, the equerry or to the lady in waiting.

These letters should not be addressed to the holders of these appointments by name, although any subsequent correspondence should be sent to the actual writer of the reply.

When writing to The Queen please refer to Communicating with The Queen.

How to Write to the Private Secretary

Commence letter Dear Sir
End letter Yours faithfully
First reference to member of royal family Write in full, eg 'His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales', subsequently, eg, 'The Prince'
Substitute 'His/Her Royal Highness' for 'he/she' and 'His/Her Royal Highness's' for 'his/her'.
Alternate The above with 'The Prince/The Princess/ The Duke/The Duchess', as applicable, to avoid repetition of HRH.
Envelopes The Private Secretary to
His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, OM*
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA

*See Private Secretaries

For correct postnominal letters for members of the royal family refer to Royal Biographies


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