An Archdeacon is a senior clergyman whose duty it is to supervise his brother clergy, and to administer part of a diocese, hence his territorial designation.  As well as his pastoral duties he is in charge of the fabric of parish churches and their contents.

How to Address an Archdeacon

The recommended (social) style of address is as follows:

Beginning of letter Dear Archdeacon (or Dear Mr Archdeacon)
End of letter Yours sincerely
Envelope The Ven the Archdeacon of Exeter
Verbal address Archdeacon (or Mr Archdeacon)
Invitation The Archdeacon of Exeter
Joint invitation* The Archdeacon of Exeter and Mrs Smith
Description in conversation The Archdeacon
List of Directors or Patrons The Archdeacon of Exeter
Place card The Archdeacon of Exeter

*Note: Traditionally, invitations to a married couple, when sent to their home address, are addressed to the wife alone, with both names being inscribed on the invitation card. It has become increasingly acceptable, however, to address the envelope with both names.

How to Address a Female Archdeacon

In the case where an Archdeacon is a female, substitute "Madam Archdeacon" for "Archdeacon" and "Mr Archdeacon".  An invitation sent to a married Archdeacon who is a woman would be inscribed "Mr John Smith and the Archdeacon of Exeter".

How to Address a Retired Archdeacon

After retirement, an Archdeacon is addressed, as are other clergy, i.e. "The Rev" instead of "The Venerable", unless he remains a Canon or Prebendary, or is appointed to emeritus rank, when he is addressed accordingly.  The word "emeritus" is only used in official documents.




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