Circuit Judge

If he or she were a Queen's Counsel when at the Bar, the letters QC should follow the name in correspondence.

How to Address a Circuit Judge

The recommended judicial and social styles of address are as follows:

Beginning of letter Dear Sir/Madam (formal)/Dear Judge (social)
End of letter Yours faithfully/Yours sincerely
Envelope (on judicial matters) His/Her Honour Judge Cane
Envelope (if a knight) His Honour Judge Sir John Cane (formal)
Envelope (if a Dame) Her Honour Judge Dame Elizabeth Cane (formal)
Envelope (social) His Honour Sir John Cane/Her Honour Dame Elizabeth Cane
Verbal address (on the Bench) Your Honour
Verbal address (social) Judge/Sir John/Dame Elizabeth

How to Address a Retired Circuit judge

The recommended social style of address is as follows:

Beginning of letter Dear Judge (style retained only by courtesy) or Dear Mr/Mrs Brown
Ending of letter Yours sincerely
Envelope His/Her Honour John/Mary Brown
Envelope (if a knight) His Honour Sir John Brown
Envelope (if a dame) Her Honour Dame Mary Brown
Verbal address Judge (excluding surname)/Mr/Mrs Brown/ Sir John/Dame Mary

Note: The prefix 'His/Her Honour' is retained on retirement from office, but 'Judge' is dropped.




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