Head of a University College

The title of the head varies from college to college.

See Principal Titles Adopted by College

In correspondence the correct form of address is 'Dear Master of Caius', 'Dear Principal of Newnham', etc.

The issue of gender does not therefore arise, and variations of marital status do not occur.

In a Scottish university, a rector has a unique meaning as the students' representative.

How to Address a Head of a University College

The recommended form of address is:

Beginning of letter Dear Dr Smith (or by name); or by appointment
Dear Dean, Director, Master, Provost, Warden etc
Envelope Sir James Taylor, PhD
Master of X College

When the head of a college is a clergyman, the ecclesiastical rank is shown before the name and appointment, for example:
The Very Reverend the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford; or
The Very Reverend Thomas Thompson, DD, Dean of Greyfriars Hall.




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