Joint Forms of Address

Invitations to private functions were traditionally addressed only to the wife, when sent to the home address, with the names of both husband and wife inscribed on the invitation itself.  Joint forms of address to private invitations are now more often preferred, however, and the following examples of names on envelopes may be useful:

The Duke and Duchess of Somerset

The Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury

The Earl and Countess of Radnor

The Viscount and Viscountess Slim

The Lord and Lady Maclay

Lord and Lady John Manners

Mr Simon and Lady Victoria Leatham

Lt-Colonel the Hon John and Mrs Smith

Major James and the Hon Mrs Smith

The Reverend John and Mrs May

The Hon Guy and Lady Moira Black

The Hon William and Mrs White

Mr Donald Home and the Countess of Blackadder

The Rt Hon John and Mrs Brown

Mr John and the Hon Mrs Green

Mr and Mrs Thomas Grey

Dr John and Dr Jane Watkins

Mr Mark and the Reverend Hazel Pugh

See Invitations to Official Functions

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