Religious and Medical Qualifications

Fifth in the order of precedence of letters after the name are letters denoting membership of religious orders and medical qualifications. These follow Orders and Decorations conferred by the Crown, Royal Appointments, other Appointments (Queen's Counsel, Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant).  All letters after the name are preceded by the abbreviation Bt (Baronet) - if applicable - and Esq.

Religious Communities

Letters for members of religious communities, when used, should be included, for example SJ (Society of Jesus). Some Members of the Order of St Benedict do not normally use the letters OSB, preferring the prefix ‘Dom’ or for a nun, ‘Dame’..

Medical Qualifications

Fellowships are given in all correspondence, such as FRCP and FRCS. Other qualifications are sometimes given, especially those which are the highest held. They are usually given when writing professionally.

When all letters signifying qualifications are included, as for example in a nominal list, they should appear in the following order:

Surgery (except MRCS)
Gynaecology and other specialities
Qualifying Diplomas (for example MRCS, LRCP)
Other Diplomas (for example DPH, DObst, RCOG).

In practice a maximum of three series of letters, including MD, is usually sufficient in ordinary correspondence (for example MD, MS, FRCS).

See Professions: Religion

See Medical Qualifications



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