Birth Announcements

All family members and close friends should be phoned as soon as possible after the birth and told the good news. This is traditionally the responsibility of the father, but the duty is often shared by a grandparent or other relative.

A round-robin email or text announcing the news is fine for other friends, relatives and colleagues. Following that, the grapevine can be relied upon to spread the word.

If there are complications, the announcement may be delayed until the health or wellbeing of the mother and baby are known.

Birth Announcement Cards

Birth announcement cards should be printed in a simple, elegant style and read:

John and Jane Debrett 
are happy to announce
the birth of their daughter Caroline Jane

The baby's date of birth and weight are included and a pink or blue ribbon may be attached. If the child is not the couple's first, then reference can be made to the siblings. For example, 'a sister for Juliet'.

Nowadays, many new parents also enclose a photograph of the new-born.

Formal Birth Announcement Cards


Birth announcements, in local or national papers, are kept short and succinct. A traditional announcement would read:

Debrett - On 20th August to John and Jane a daughter,
Caroline Jane

Unmarried Parents

In the case of unmarried parents, the surnames of the parents are included:

Debrett - On 20th August to John Debrett and Jane Manners
a daughter, Caroline Jane

N.B. The same format would apply to same-sex female partners.

Single Parent

In the case of single parents the announcement is simplified:

Manners - On 20th August to Jane a daughter, Caroline Jane




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