Rites of Passage

How to get it right on life's biggest occasions; from invitations to christenings and order of service sheets at funerals to organising an 18th birthday party and dealing with the news of a divorce.

  • Births, étiquette guide to births


    From birth announcements to breastfeeding.
  • What you should consider before stepping up to the font...


    Guide to Godparenting etiquette.
  • Christenings

    Formal celebrations, from traditional christenings to secular naming ceremonies.
  • Coming of Age

    Celebrating the transition to adulthood.
  • Engagements

    The first steps towards marital commitment.
  • Wedding Anniversaries

    Marriage milestones and how to survive them.
  • Divorce

    A guide to civilised divorce.
  • Death

    An invaluable guide to the dealing with a death...
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Debrett's Recommends

Debrett's Recommends

Debrett's Recommends