The Family

From small babies to elderly grandparents, the family unit is an inescapable feature of our everyday life.

While families should be fundamental to our feelings of wellbeing, they can also be sources of great tension. Whether your problem is troublesome teens, interfering in-laws, competing siblings, demanding parents or ill-mannered children, our guide to family life is an essential tool for domestic survival.

  • Babies

    Integrating your baby into everyday life.
  • Children

    Our invaluable guide to raising a well-mannered child.
  • Teenagers

    Negotiating the minefield of teenage manners.
  • Siblings

    Acquiring a sibling can lead to a lifetime of competition, but it shouldn't be like that.
  • Parents

    How to disentangle yourself from your parents and strike out on your own.
  • In-Laws

    Love them or hate them... our guide to surviving in-laws will help you cope.
  • Older Relations

    Good manners are often a priority for older people. Follow our guidelines to avoid offence.
  • Pets

    Follow our simple rules to ensure that your friends are not turned off by your pets.

Home Life

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