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From Personal Space to Queuing, via Politeness, Port Etiquette, Pronunciation and Pubs, our indispensable Guide to British Behaviour.

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  • personal space

    Personal Space

    We are becoming increasingly unused to sharing our personal space.
  • politeness


    Manners are valuable in this world because well-mannered people know how to set others at ease.
  • discussing politics

    Politics, Discussing

    Emotions frequently run high around political issues, so treat this issue with care and respect.
  • port étiquette

    Port Etiquette

    Learn all about port etiquette.
  • present giving and receiving étiquette


    Presents should always be given in good faith and with the intention of delighting the recipient.
  • guide to pronunciation


    Follow this guide to perfect pronunciation.
  • politeness, ps and qs

    Ps and Qs

    This is inevitably a child's very first introduction to all-important manners.
  • pub etiquette


    Pubs are very sociable places so be prepared to exchange small talk with strangers.
  • queuing etiquette


    Turn up at a railway station, or a supermarket, or a post office and you will see an orderly queue.


getting ahead

getting ahead

Getting ahead

Getting ahead

From the very first interview to handing in your notice – follow these guidelines to help you stay ahead.

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Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

Explore and celebrate the many British rituals, customs and traditions that punctuate the year.

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