I to O

From Informality to Over-Reaction, via Introductions, Jokes, Kissing, Loos, Members' Clubs and Ostentaion, our indispensable Guide to British Behaviour.


  • informality


    First names are becoming de rigueur; even in professional situations.
  • introductions


    If you are the link between people who have never met it is up to you to make the introductions.
  • invitation étiquette


    There are many formal occasions in British life when 'correct form' is preferred.
  • humour


    The British are addicted to jokes, seeing them as an effective emotional release.
  • kissing etiquette, social kissing, debrett's guide to kissing

    Social Kissing

    Social kissing is becoming increasingly popular in Britain, but it still a potential minefield.
  • loo


    A guide to loo etiquette.
  • members' clubs

    Members' Clubs

    How to conduct yourself as a member or a guest at members' clubs.
  • discussing money

    Discussing Money

    Discussing money and openly comparing wealth are traditionally taboo areas in British society.
  • ostentation étiquette


    Discretion about wealth and worldly successful is the order of the day.
  • over familiarity


    Common to all is the hair-raising chill and miasma of dread that heralds the over-familiar.
  • over reaction


    We live in an age of burgeoning over-reaction and it's getting exhausting.
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What's the Netiquette of That?

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Workplace netiquette

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