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From Apologising to Humour, via Chivalry, Countryside Rules, Faux-Pas, Formal Dinners and Hats, our indispensable Guide to British Behaviour.

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  • apologising


    For many British people, apologising is a default reaction to life's little irritants.
  • chivalry


    Historically, chivalry was seen as an integral, and indispensable feature of the British 'gentleman.
  • guide to complaining


    The British love to complain, but we're not very good at it as we naturally avoid confrontation.
  • Countryside Rules

    Some unwritten rules of behaviour have been observed in the British countryside for many centuries.
  • discretion


    Take a leaf out of the book of the traditional English butler, and make a virtue of discretion.
  • Debrett's guide to dress codes

    Dress Codes

    Special occasions in Britain often require a multitude of different dress codes.
  • drunkenness


    Alcohol oils the wheels of British social life; from Royal Ascot to a night at the local pub.
  • engagement étiquette


    The British path from engagement to marriage is pre-ordained by centuries of custom and tradition.
  • faux-pas, guide to faux pas etiquette


    The British value politeness, making faux-pas an ever-present social danger.
  • formal dinners

    Formal Dinners

    Formal dinners are usually bound up in deep historical ritual and tradition.
  • guide to gamesmanship, tennis court


    This can be defined as the art of winning unfairly at sport without actually cheating.
  • handshakes


    In Britain a firm handshake is the common form of face-to-face greeting in all situations.
  • wearing hats


    Hats are compulsory at a diminishing number of British social occasions.
  • History

    Britain is a country with a discernible history that stretches back several millennia.
  • Humour

    A sense of humour is one of life's essential tools.
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Debrett's Handbook

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Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

Guide to Entertaining Etiquette

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